Welcome To ITyukta 2k19 Fest!
Department of Information Technology
On Feb 25th and 26th

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know about ITyukta.



The JNTUK University College of Engineering Vizianagaram was established in the academic year 2007-08 with seven Under Graduate Engineering Courses Viz., B.Tech. In EEE, ECE, CSE, ME, IT, CIVIL and METALLURGY. Now it is a well established constituent college under JNTU Kakinada. Situated amidst an ambient location, the college has a very fast-developing infrastructure.



ITyukta is a technical fest organised by the Department of Information Technology.
It encompasses knowledgable workshops and a variety of technical and non technical events where students can learn and gain a different experience which provides every individual a platform to explore one's talent.

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Data Science

Conducted By Bosch (research scientist)team.

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A Guide To BlockChain Ecosystem

Conducted By Natsoft Corporation.

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Intern Summit

To those who are waiting eagerly for doing internship this summer, Take a glance below.

For all the students who are wishing to get a purposeful internship, there's an event called INTERN SUMMIT in our fest.Now a days, doing a minimum of 4-5 internships is mandatory to every student. With INTERN SUMMIT we are providing you guys,really a wonderful opportunity!!

Internships, if managed well can make a positive difference in a student with this event.

In this event what we are doing actually is "we col‐ laborated with some tech companies and we managed to providing internships through those companies to the students".So,interested people can join in this event and make beneficial among themselves.

As a mojor,the core of the event is to make students to be benefited by giving free internships to them.So be quick to register,cause this is an very good opportunity to you.

The companies hiring free interns are :

  • Bizbee

  • Mojoreads

  • Shoproads

  • Zaggprotocol

  • Sails software

  • Mouri Tech

  • solustun pvt ltd.

Registrations are already started!!!
Contact us for more details.

Note : Only those students who are attending either of the workshops are eligible for the intern summit event.


Technical Events

  • Debug the code

    Don't you feel bored coding all time? This time take your turn to hunt( debug) the code and make the program bug free. In this event every participant will be given a program to make debug.

    Fee: ₹ 50
  • Dazzle Coding

    Get Good hands in coding? Ever thought of writing the code with MONITOR OFF? Sounds challenging? In this event the participants we are going to given two problem statements and they have to code them when the MONITOR GOES OFF. So, give it a try.The participant with no errors in the code and who are going to show the actual results of compilation in short time is the winner. This is a individual event and an compiler will be provided .

    Fee: ₹ 50
  • Crack the code into two

    'Crack the code' ,it sounds good right? Of course, yes. Only thing the participants have to do is to find the two different codes hidden in a single program given and to run the codes successfully.

    Fee: ₹ 50
  • PPT Presentation

    Join us for a Technical or Non Technical Paper Presentation, we would be happy to hear your ideas out! Prepare a presentation and unleash the speaker in you..! Share your ideas not slides ! In this event, mainly we are going to focus on the content of the topic and the way you present it.
    1) The presentation must be given in English.
    2) One can present maximum of 20 slides and minimum of 10 slides.
    Each team should comprise minimum of 2 members.
    Time limit - 15 minutes.
    Fee per participant:50 rupees.

    Fee: ₹ 50
  • C Collision

    So, you think you know it all..? Here's an event that provides a platform to showcase your intellect in the C programming..!! Event would be held in a two-tier format:Round 1 & Round 2.

    Fee: ₹ 50

Non-Technical Events

  • Selfie Challenge

    Have you ever heard of the selfie challenge? It's a fun thing you can do with your friends..!!Grab your only chance; prove to the other top selfie psych's that you are the best..!!In this event, we'll give you some hints for the places around our college and you have to takesome selfies in those places..The best one among those will be awarded.Have fun!

    Fee: ₹ 50
  • Crypt Your Mind

    “crypt your mind”...huh?Are you in a thought that it might be strenuous to perform??then you are mistaken.All you have to do is bring up your knowledge and skills together and answer some questions which are to be answered with sense.Here questions include some aptitude or some logical or some logo quizzes.You can test your aptitude depth and logo IQ with this event!!

    Fee: ₹ 50
  • Photo Editing

    People want the moments to be captured and presented in a delightful way so that they can relive those again and again. However, a great picture always has a bit of editing and enhancement behind it.Time to test your editing skills with the new photo challenge. Happy Editing!!

    Fee: ₹ 50
  • Third Eye

    A movie clip with a duration of one minute will be played. Participants have to view the clip carefully and answer the questions that follow.The participant who answers maximum number of questions is considered to be the winner!!

    Fee: ₹ 50
  • Mock CID

    A suspense thriller event which determines your investigating skills in a few exciting rounds.Take out your inner detective and solve the crimes with hidden puzzles..!! Each team shall comprise 3-5 participants only.

    Fee: ₹ 50


Registrations Opened!! Register Soon.

Plug Your Mind

Plug Your Mind

"Plug your mind" is one of the pre-event of our technical fest.This event is an programming contest which is being conducted online on codechef.The event will be conducted on 20th of February,2019.The top 5 people of the event will be offered with free workshop. Contact us for more details!!

Note:The exam on 17th of Feb is postponed due to some technical issues.


For any help please contact our coordinators!!!

Plug your mind event starts on feb 2019.To apply Click here

Make me famous event already started.To apply Click here

Make Me Famous

Make Me Famous

Huhhh "Make me famous" right!!It is an pre-event for our technical fest.You can send pic of yours by making an payment of 30 rupees via paytm or tez or phonepe to the number 9133693393 and attach the screenshot of that payment too.Then we'll post your pic in our fb page ITYukta 2k19.The event goes up with the following details:
One like=1 point
One comment=3 points
One share=5 points
The winner will be awarded with worth of INR 1500.


Chair Person

Dr.G.Jaya Suma

Faculty Coordinator

Dr.CH.Bindu Madhuri




JNTUK University College Of Engineering Vizianagaram,
Near Dwarapudi,


M.Sai Kumar


T.Suresh Varma


H.Hima Bindhu

N.Lakshmi Tirupathi


V.John Babu


Asif Sohail



Registrations are opened!! To reserve your slot in our workshops pay ₹ 100 through paytm | phonepe | tez for entry and remaining fee to be paid at our college workshops desk.

Note : For example, if you pay ₹100 for the DATA SCIENCE workshop then you have to pay the remaining amount of ₹600 at our college to complete the registration for the workshop.

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